Thursday, May 7, 2009

One year after earthquake

We went to Sichuan a couple days ago and interviewed people in different places for their life after one year. At the places that we went, most of the people still live in the temporary houses and wait for the loans of the bank to start to build their new houses.

In Zundao Village, Deyang city, people need at least 50,000 yuan to build a one floor house but they only earn 5000yuan a year and because they don't have the ability of paying back the loan from bank, it's hard for them to apply the loan and only when the new house is ready, they can get the subsidies from the government.

In Beichuan county, Mr.Mu started to sell the pictorials and vedios 12 days ago to the tourists who went to visit the village which will become a museum of earthquake afterwards. Everyday before going back to his temporary house, he offers three incenses to the three family members that he lost in the earthquake.

We found a father who lost his only daugher in the earthquake, and here below is the reply of the interview about his point of view on the silence of the government on the quality of the school buildings:

The catastrophe taught me that the goodness of human being is the most valuable and important thing! The ugliness of human being is the most outrageous! The tragedies of those beautiful kids in the tiles can not be described! Most people have saw the excruciations in TV programs, but the sufferings of those kids at that day are way more cruel. Every kid is cultivated by the love, hardship and painstaking efforts of his family and parents, maybe also by the society, facing the disaster, in front of the humanity (someone under the sunshine, someone in the corner, someone in the shade), maybe everybody will feel the same thing, at lest be reflecting. But as parent, we only have tears in the eyes and blood in the hearts.

That week was very hard.....C'est trop dur pour le moral.....


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