Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'll never forget...

The Admit Weekend of Stanford has put up lovely posters of students around campus describing something that they will never forget about their time here at the university over the past week. The goal of these posters is to showcase the diversity and uniqueness of the student life here at Stanford, hoping that accepted students will choose Stanford as their first choice school. This particular picture is taken outside the bookstore, where some of us actually spent a lot of time =p

As a soon-to-be graduate, I cannot help but feel sentimental about some of my experiences here at this amazing institution. Definitely, one of the most significant event that has happened to me over the past year is the FACES Conference. None of the other conferences that I have attended/organized in the past can compare with this one in terms of the level of conversations, caliber of the participants {delegates, execs and officers}, and the amount of fun I had.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who contributed to this amazing experience. Kevin is one of the most passionate person I have met, and he does many things with an unparalleled enthusiasm, something that you have probably already noticed. I will like to urge you all to follow his lead on this project to make this blog something that will live on till the November conference and beyond, to serve as a bridge between all of us, the FACES class of 2009.

So, following the lead of Stanford Admit Weekend, this is my terribly uncreative version -

I'll never forget... the cheeky handshake between Alex and Christian during the press conference, the 'what the hell did i just eat?' expression on Matt's face at the cookout, the Condy keynote, the amazing conversations with so many of you, the game of KINGS that Waikit is going to bring home to China as 秦始皇, the numerous 杀手s, and getting chased out of the party house after singing 童话 at the top of our voices at 2am - in short, the FACES class of 2009.

-Wilson 远祥

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