Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kick Off for Eight Melons Forum

Eight melons = 八 + 瓜
Gossip = 八 + 卦

The spring FACES conference at Stanford has ended, and we've all returned home -- but everyone still wishes for FACES to go on.

So instead of moping around, we thought a collective blog might
be an interesting outlet for all that latent FACES energy. This can be a site for delegates to share articles & commentary, upload entertaining photos, give their opinion on current events, recommend music, or post lively bits of "personal news".

For example, many of you are writers (Yale Globalist!) and journalists, or just have extremely intelligent things to say about US-China relations, China's role in Africa, domestic politics, environmental challenges, etc. So please share your expertise with all of us! Feel free to post your own work and to comment on what your fellow delegates have written.

FYI, some of us are imagining a special section for weekly updates on delegates' lives (heh heh), but we'll leave that to our enterprising gossip columnist in Claremont-McKenna to spearhead.

This isn't a CP project, but it's another way for us to stay in contact. We're sitting here missing you all desperately, of course.

By the way, according to, the eight melons 八瓜 are:
冬瓜、西瓜 、南瓜 、北瓜 、黃瓜 、絲瓜 、苦瓜 、甜瓜.

Hey, don't look at me, I've never heard of a 北瓜 either.

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